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Television Screen Broadcast
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The television screen broadcast business involves two main sectors: the broadcast of information on installed outdoor/indoor television screens and content provider for mobile screens featured in public transportation facilities.

The company has been granted by Xinhua News Agency Asia-pacific Regional Bureau Limited (APRB) with free right to broadcast news and information that are acquired and owned by APRB for a period of 10 years. The income stream will be generated from air time sales and advertisement production. APRB will assist the Company in developing the television screen broadcast business. Leveraging on its extensive business network, APRB can gain access to a vast potential clientele, particularly the PRC enterprises, and can generate and increase revenue immediately and in future for the Company.

Outdoor/indoor television screen and media content
Our LCD screens are located in major cities in Asia Pacific region which is occupied with dense population. The screens are installed outdoors (such as external walls of buildings and plazas) and indoors (such as shopping malls, office building lobby and air terminal lobby), providing instant and vibrant information feed for the audience.

Media Content for mobile screens in public transportation facilities
We broadcast of news, information and advertisements on television screens that are installed in public transportation facilities such as railway and buses. Relying on the resource pool from APRB, we produce high quality programs for the audience, building an efficient communication platform for our clients. Our latest achievement is obtaining the the broadcasting rights on Kowloon-Gwangzhou Through Train (Ktt).