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Chairman's Message
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Based upon the abundant resources from world’s leading newswire – Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Media Holdings Limited (XHN Media) delivers instant and quality information from every corner of the world, creating value for our investors and society at large.

We are in the middle of digital revolution, an era of digital information delivered through multimedia platforms. XHN Media aims to become the destination for first-hand and in-depth information, powered with innovative multi-platform presentations.

Our businesses focused on two areas: all-weather outdoor/indoor LCD screen and online news terminals. The outdoor screens are placed in attractive and traffic-heavy locations across Asia. Our information sites are designed to deliver instant image, video and written news. Our innovation in technology enables instant updates between the outdoor screens and news websites – maximize your audience and businesses.

People’s capability is infinite, and talents are the driving force for world’s advancement. We are committed to pursue professional excellence under the people-oriented spirit, utilizing our first-tier talents who are also the origins for our success. We aim to build an entrepreneurial environment for international talents, to nurture their creativity, to present their professional skills, to challenge them with exciting opportunities, and finally, to kindle and sustain their passion for constant excellence.

Towards this end, XHN media welcomes everyone with passion, ambition and skills. Together, we will hold on to very opportunity, overcome every obstacle, and win for our bright future as the world’s leading information platform.

Mr. Ju Mengjun